5 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at WavestoreUSA

Effective video surveillance calls for professional-grade digital video and audio recording solutions. But not all products are created equal. Users need a system based on open architecture — one that’s scalable and works with the majority of manufacturer’s cameras, including increasingly popular 360-degree or hemispheric products. Security and surveillance managers also need video management software (VMS) that yields unprecedented levels of command and control over images, including live and recorded feeds. WavestoreUSA provides some of the most sought-after features in today’s market and here, we provide five reasons you should take a look at WavestoreUSA technologies and capabilities:

1. De-warping: Wavestore’s proprietary de-warping function is embedded into the latest release of V5 VMS software. This unique approach takes original 360-degree images from supported 360-degree cameras and ‘de-warps’ them to allow users to view the complete video image without distortion. With the growing demand for hemispheric cameras, which can replace up to six traditional cameras, there is an increasing need for unique software capabilities to take full advantage of these devices. WavestoreUSA V5 VMS with built-in de-warping functionality simultaneously displays multiple de-warped images from a single hemispheric camera stream, while a virtual PTZ allows operators to view enlarged portions of the total image. Unlike comparable software packages, WavestoreUSA V5’s de-warping capability receives and stores only the original 360-degree, which greatly reduces network traffic and saves tremendously on recording, the most expensive element of most commercial video systems. When played back via the WaveView client the operator can display multiple dewarped images, regardless if the virtual views were created previously or not.

2. Camera agnostic: Our open architecture hardware and software designs support a wide range of cameras and encoders from more than 50 different manufacturers and our V5 VMS also supports analog and network (IP, megapixel, 360°, panoramic) cameras. It is a goal at WavestoreUSA to not be everything for everybody. Instead, we focus on our core competency — recording and video management solutions. If our customer requires integration with a specific solution or seeks a device not in our portfolio, we work with our technology partners through our robust integration program.

3. Commitment to standards: WavestoreUSA is committed to an open platform approach to surveillance technologies. Our solutions support ONVIF protocols and our V5 VMS is Profile S conformant. ONVIF is a voluntary organization driving IP-based physical security through global standardization. Profile S conformance aids end users and systems designers in determining interoperable components of a physical security solution. Wavestore is also working towards Profile G, (a new ONVIF profile under testing). Our goal is to deliver platforms that enable users to build best-in-class solutions, regardless of manufacturer or approach.

4. Assembled and Support in the US: WavestoreUSA’s products are assembled in the United States and optimized for the Americas markets, providing customers with the confidence of knowing that WavestoreUSA recorders and VMS solutions will perform as specified and meet the rigors of even the most challenging vertical markets. Our world-class support is based in Florida, and we are available 24/7 to answer questions at any time.

5. Easy does it: WavestoreUSA prides itself on manufacturing products that are intuitive, user-friendly, open and scalable. Because WavestoreUSA products are easy to install and program, customers can count on an intuitive user experience. In the case our customers require further support, we have a wide network of authorized installers and a robust support team that can address any concerns or questions. It is our priority to make it easy to do business with us through our partners, our toll-free Technical Assistance Center and email support system.

To learn more about WavestoreUSA, visit the company at next week’s 2013 ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits, held Sept. 24-26, 2013, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Attendees are invited to meet the team and view demonstrations of its recording, video management and storage solutions throughout the conference at booth #2069. To set up an appointment, email sales@wavestoreusa.com.


Find out about WavestoreUSA at www.wavestoreusa.com.

Onvif Profile S


Assembled in the USA