IP an Intelligent Investment for Busy Black Friday Retailers

Black Friday is just around the corner, and this year, record numbers of shoppers will be queuing outside of stores nationwide – now as early as Thanksgiving evening – for the much-anticipated holiday deals.

As exciting as this annual ritual is for retailers, the downside is, of course, unprecedented potential for theft, lawsuits and general frenzy among customers. But with the help of new surveillance technologies, retailers can focus on maintaining a safe environment not only for the customers but employees as well while helping to control shrink.

Open-platform video management systems are a critical element to any surveillance deployment. In the retail environment, these systems are transforming surveillance initiatives by enhancing the range, quality and visibility of surveillance cameras – without increasing costs to store owners. Today, retailers can take advantage of a range of different camera options, including HD, full HD, megapixel and 360-degree, to best suit their needs and provide highly detailed, evidence-quality surveillance footage.

In addition, remote access to the server and unaltered image recording gives store managers the freedom to deal with a given situation in real-time or have the footage available for later analysis, which could prove useful in crowd control situations or liability suits. Moreover, owners with multiple storefronts can easily replicate the technology across the board, copy videos in minutes and consolidate their pre-existing systems with IP video.

Wavestore VMS

The holiday time crunch also places pressure on retailers to put new seasonal security and LP employees through Black Friday boot camp. With an intuitive video surveillance system in place, employees can easily learn to navigate the software with minimal extra training. When the doors finally open, LP personnel can work in sync with the video management system to limit the opportunity for theft and loss.

With millions of shoppers projected to descend upon department stores on retail’s biggest day of the year, security and liability are just as much on retailers’ minds as the turkey and pumpkin pie eaten not mere moments beforehand. To accommodate and better protect these record-breaking crowds, retailers should consider doing a little holiday shopping for IP video surveillance solutions. In this case, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.


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