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Electronic Security Technology Rescues Cyber Security in 2016.

Cyber security is rated a top concern among organizations of all kind. Hacking is rampant and ranges from attacks on hardware and firmware to ransom vulnerable devices. People are left scratching their heads, wondering, how did this happen? Others worry if they are next. The bigger question is how do you prevent future cybercriminals from gaining access to a network? One viable solution, intelligent video surveillance coupled with biometrics, namely facial recognition, is gaining acceptance as the best method to date in fighting the war on cyber

Other than references to social media surveillance, very few concrete security measures on how to keep Americans safe were presented by Republican candidates in last night’s debate. One interesting suggestion was offered by Carly Fiorina, who pointed out that our government is woefully behind the technology curve, however, does she really think government can depend on the private sector for assistance?

The private sector is not much ahead of the government when it comes to security preparedness. Industry analysts estimate that some eighty to ninety percent of organizations worldwide already have or will experience a security breach.

“Government is not innovating,” said Fiorina. “Technology is running ahead by leaps and bounds. The private sector will help.”

If that’s the case, going forward, a pretty safe prediction for 2016 is that network electronic technology will be a major security driver for the network cyber world. Solutions that can be implemented immediately for data protection to limit fraud and guard against malicious cyber attacks combine facial recognition and video management. Facial recognition is much less invasive than other biometrics and when combined with video surveillance, it is also a more secure method for identity management and authentication.

The use of real-time intelligence that comes from the integration of facial recognition and the video analytics found in WavestoreUSA video storage and management systems is already commonly being used by retailers and marketers to gather crucial demographic data and advance their marketing capabilities in an effort to better reach and engage customers. The integration of Wavestore video management software with facial recognition also provides strong multifactor security and can be used for both verification and identification.

Companies can offer a secure and convenient login and authentication method that generates automated alerts whenever a user defined probability is reached. In addition, active, real time surveillance and identification can provide event driven alerts based on individuals under watch or excluded status.

IT and networking technologies in the past has had a strong impact on the physical security industry. Now the tide is shifting. Physical security utilizing network electronic technology is dictating network planning.

The virtues of what IP network electronic technology can offer today require a quality IT network infrastructure. Existing cabling needs to be analyzed and possibly upgraded for data and power over Ethernet (PoE) or extended distances; and other networking issues like limited storage space can be a major obstacle. The task may seem daunting for many end users but doing nothing can cost you more money in the long run. WavestoreUSA works closely with our security dealer integrator partners in designing the most cost effective solution for increasing operational efficiencies and intelligence while reducing the chance of fraud.

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