MyView…from the Desk of Susan Brady, marketing manager, WavestoreUSA

WaveView Mobile on iPAD miniLove the new Mobile App.

Watching products as they develop is a lesson in persistence. For a long time, being an editor and then as an event organizer for an IP technology forum, new introductions were presented to me as finished products. Now I am on the inside and get to see an idea become reality before my eyes. Take, for instance, the WaveView Mobile app from Wavestore that is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Before starting the development of this new mobile app, Wavestore wanted to be sure to incorporate all the right features so that this new app was ahead of the competition. Mobile apps have been around for some time, in fact, Wavestore already had one but it wasn’t good enough; so Wavestore went back to the drawing board to make a better mobile app.

The ebb and flow of the testing procedures played out among the product developers both in the U.S. and England until the app was ready to unveil with no unwanted bugs. Wavestore’s original mobile app worked fine but admittedly, there were a few glitches, yet instead of defending its shortcomings, Wavestore took immediate action and set out to fix the problem. By listening closely to the suggestions and criticism received from customer feedback, improvements to the app were made to provide a better user experience.

The company never stopped testing the new app to ensure proper communications and information delivery, everywhere, all the time. Right now I’ve got the new WaveView Mobile on my tablet and it is fantastic. First impressions are that the app loads fast and it does not freeze-up. Runs smooth, perfect picture and user friendly. It functions easily when changing to different cameras, using PTZ, choosing layouts, etc. The popup Toggle Wheel allows instant access to menu options, settings, cameras, layouts and subtitles.

Today is the official launch of the WaveView Mobile app. WaveView Mobile is packed with user friendly features such as the option to choose from different multi-camera layouts and the ability to select from a range of subtitles to be displayed on screen, such as time, camera or server name. WaveView Mobile App allows users to “time jump” in order to instantly view recorded video. It also features preset and “gesture” PTZ control.

Another important feature concerns security. The Wavestore free Mobile app allows only authorized users to securely view live images or playback recorded video via a smartphone or tablet. With organizations and businesses becoming increasingly concerned about protecting confidential data, the WaveView Mobile app requires verification via a Wavestore/WavestoreUSA server’s public key that the person attempting to view the video is an authorized user.

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