F SeriesF3-Series-FRNT NO BKGRND

The WavestoreUSA F Series Video Storage and Management Servers support up to 32 cameras, recording up to 32 channels simultaneously from an IP/megapixel configuration, with a choice of H.264, MxPEG, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression and include up to 4 hot swappable HDDs with up to 24TB of storage.

WavestoreUSA F Series Video Storage and Management Servers are a low cost but highly scalable, reliable, flexible and compact digital video recording solution. Secured in a small form factor chassis, the F2 supports up to 16 cameras and 18TB of storage. The F3 supports up to 32 cameras and 24TB storage. The F Series is optimal for video surveillance projects in schools (K-5), health clinics, small offices, retail shops, remote energy stations, homes and many more.

The F Series Servers are capable of running the WaveView client software directly from the recorder due to the high performance CPU and graphics card.

High Performance and FlexibilityF2-Series-FRNT-No-Bkgrnd

Easy to install and operate, the F Series Servers come preinstalled with the latest version of Wavestore Video Management Software to allow for direct or remote connectivity. Licenses can be easily purchased and installed during commissioning avoiding costly expenses until required. The V5 is able to simultaneously record video images from a wide range of analog, IP, HD, and megapixel surveillance solutions, including 360-degree and night vision cameras. The unique 360-degree dewarping function within WaveView enables a single 360-degree camera stream to be efficiently recorded and specific areas of interest to be selected and viewed the same way as traditional cameras are viewed.

Functional and Stylish

The F Series Video Storage and Management Servers are compact with a shallow depth of 15″ and can be shelf mounted or used as a standard desktop. The sleek design also allows this series to blend well with other electronics making it easy to conceal. A keyboard and mouse are also included making setup and use fast and convenient.

Reliability and Stability

The F Series Video Storage and Management Servers utilize the ultra reliable Linux-based software which delivers a high integrity, secure and resilient recording platform for applications. This software easily supports updates and changes and allows smooth integration with IP cameras and third party systems. The operating system and applications are also located on a separate solid state drive (SSD) which runs quieter and offers more stability and reliability. The F Series Servers come with a full three (3) year warranty.

WavestoreUSA Servers are assembled in the USA