The Easiest, Most Cost Effective Video Management Software

A groundbreaking approach to video management, Wavestore V5 Video Management Software supports the most up to date technology and incorporates the latest innovations. Wavestore V5 is constantly setting new standards. The V5 Video Management Software is easy to install, configure, operate and upgrade.

Introducing V5.48 Features

  • Improved handling of Full Screen views for cameras and layouts.
  • Improved handling of Joystick controls through new vector PTZ commands.
  • Enhanced algorithm for smoother live video and playback.Improved Ganz camera integration including addition of new cameras to drop-down list and event integration.
  • Detailed network interface information now shown in Network Setup.
  • Improved listing of available ports for PTZ and IO devices.
  • New “interactive mode” for hardware detection so user can choose to ignore a capture device.
  • Improved logging of IP camera streaming failures.
  • Improved handling of Stretch capture card closedown.
  • Improved PTZ handling for various IP protocols.

Key Highlights

  • Dewarping software for use with 360-degree cameras.
  • Open platform design supports a wide range of cameras and encoders.
  • Simultaneous display of live and user selectable recorded video.
  • ONVIF profile S conformant.
  • Multiple language options supported; selectable by each individual user.
  • Powerful event management.
  • Simple video export.
  • Full remote maintenance of server/recorder from WaveView client.
  • Precise IP PTZ control.
  • Optimizations for better compatibility in systems integration.

Key Benefits

  • Low installation cost – Wavestore V5 can be installed onto a wide range of hardware platforms in a matter of minutes reducing installation time and cost.
  • Low cost of ownership – Cost effective and efficient system architecture provides optimum operational life over long periods of time.
  • Manpower savings –Intuitive user interface ensures new employees are effective quickly and reduces re-training costs. 8,192 times normal viewing rate, forwards or backward minimizes event time searching.
  • Prevent truck rolls and reduce site visits – System diagnostics and remote maintenance access reduces need for site visits for emergency upgrades and allows for scheduled maintenance as time permits.

Left Navigation

Simple and Easy Navigation

The left navigation tree is simple and clean in looks yet robust in functionality and interaction. Navigating through cameras and creating custom profiles or layouts is a breeze.

Configurable Video Displays by Size, Format and Position

Video images can be configured and displayed on a monitor in a large variety of sizes, formats, and positions. Recognizing a range of camera resolutions, the V5 provides the option to switch from a traditional fixed camera layout to a free-form structure. This enables each operator to configure their own unique display where the image size, format, and location of any number of cameras can be displayed. dewarped images from panoramic and 360-degree cameras can be displayed in the correct aspect ratio alongside other unique and standard image formats.

video management software,video management software

Simultaneously Display of Both Live and Archive Images

The video display options deliver real life practical functionality to operators in a control room environment. For example, if an incident occurs the live camera images can be continually monitored by an operator. This will allow them to retrieve and review recorded video footage of the developing situation from the same or adjacent cameras at the same time. They are then able to make an informed decision without any delay on the appropriate action to take, with the benefit of being able to observe a complete sequence of events. Besides the flexibility to monitor both live and archive camera images simultaneously, the Wavestore Video Management Software enables cloning one or many cameras to view live and play-backed images from the same camera simultaneously.

Playback and Back-Up

The Wavestore data write format is optimized for video and enables instantaneous display of video data from any camera at any time regardless of the volume of the storage medium. The operator can also scan at image rates up to 8,192 times the normal viewing rate, either forwards or backwards, or replay at slow speeds down to 1/10 of real time. Video can be archived and exported at the push of a button and to ensure credibility of your recordings, the video can be digitally watermarked. You can also store and/or back-up recordings on a range of storage devices including external disk arrays and NAS (Network Attached Storage).


Proprietary Dewarping Function

The dewarping capability available within V5 supports the industry leading 360-degree camera manufacturers. The Wavestore Video Management Software facilitates the recording of the original fish-eye images captured by a single 360-degree camera stream and displays the dewarped images from the same camera, as well as images from other network and analog cameras in a multi-image display. The original images captured by the 360-degree camera are stored unaltered to allow specific video clips to be copied and authenticated.

High Integrity Data Retention Capability

The Wavestore data management system is optimized to read and write multiple video streams efficiently. The design enables the large file sizes associated with megapixel cameras to be processed efficiently and simultaneously with other camera video formats. The Wavestore Video Management Software design provides benefits not seen in most systems of its kind. For example, following a power failure, the system automatically restarts and continues recording without human intervention. The disk file system integrity is preserved during power cuts – no need for a lengthy disk check procedure.

Simple Four-Click Export Process of Video Clips from One or Many Cameras

One of the important requirements of a video recording system is the ability to copy selected video clips for either archive, evidence, or for presentation in a court of law. Wavestore Video Management Software provides a simple four-click process comprising the selection of the start and finish of the clip and copy. Multiple camera clips can be copied simultaneously to the terminal hard drive, to DVD or USB, and an optional conversion from the default video format to one of many industry formats is provided.

Interactive Maps

Single or multiple maps detailing the layout of specific installations can be imported into the Wavestore user interface and the camera icons placed according to system configuration. The area of coverage and the field of view can be set for each camera and the operator can select and view images from a specific camera by simply double clicking the related icon.

Authentication and Encryption of Video and Audio Content

The latest Wavestore Video Management Software offers a real-time image authentication feature that identifies which recording device the video has been backed-up from. Image authentication can be utilized to prove that an image or set of images was originally recorded on a unique Wavestore video server and that they have not been manipulated in any way. Authentication can also be confirmed on exported video when played using the viewer software. The Wavestore Video Management Software also allows encoding video and audio so that it can only be reviewed by those who have a secure digital private key.

Dynamic remote Upgrade of System Software

A remote access capability negates the need for service personnel to attend a site to implement software upgrades. The design of the Wavestore Video Management Software enables it to be upgraded while the recording system continues to operate. The remote upgrade process is enabled through a secure protocol. The same remote secure access capability enables the Wavestore engineering department to provide real time diagnostics and resolution of system issues.

Wide Range of Camera Manufacturers

Based on an open platform design, the Wavestore Video Management Software currently supports a full range of analog, network (IP, mega-pixel, 360-degree, panoramic) and HDcctv cameras. Please see link below for the list of widely used cameras that have been tested and verified for compatibility with our latest Video Management Software release.

Moving to a Complete Surveillance System

WavestoreUSA offers an extensive collection of surveillance solutions suitable for use in industrial locations, commercial properties, public spaces and more. We make it easy for you to move to a true enterprise solution.

ONVIF Compatibility

WavestoreUSA has joined ONVIF in order to contribute to the forum and to ensure that its recording systems are developed to meet the standard and fulfill the specific requirements being made by each manufacturer.

Flexible Remote Viewing

The Wavestore Linux based server design delivers a high integrity and resilient recording platform, while the powerful client software can be operated from a Windows (7, Vista, XP) and Linux operating system. A new viewing capability compatible with Android mobile devices enables authorized personnel to monitor live images from a smart-phone or tablet.

Scalable System Design

WavestoreUSA designs and develops its own Video Management Software systems. Regardless of which model of video server recorder matches your specific requirements, they can all be integrated into a server group. This enables any authorized user to access and operate the system, as well as view images from any of the cameras they have permission to access. Regardless of whether the recorders are in a single location or distributed over a wide area, a user can log on from any location and access their unique profile and configuration. The tremendous system scalability empowers the creation of large recording systems comprised of thousands of cameras fulfilling large surveillance systems implementations.

System Integrations

The WavestoreUSA video storage and management systems are designed for reliability and the powerful Wavestore SDK allows third party integration. Where flexibility is the key to success, Wavestore Video Management Software delivers not only a solution for today, but a development road map to support new and emerging technologies. If you are a Systems Integrator, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how WavestoreUSA can fulfill your specific requirements. Contact us or download our latest version of the Wavestore V5 Video Management Software remote client and truly experience the benefits of a new approach to video security and surveillance solutions.