Wavestore V5 360-Degree Camera Dewarping

Delivering Impressive Performance

A single 360-degree fisheye camera can significantly reduce the number of cameras, infrastructure and security personnel needed to monitor a large area. In applications such as retail surveillance, airport security, schools or public spaces, the benefit of installing a 360-degree camera is that a single device is able to continuously monitor and record an entire area. With no moving parts further savings can be achieved on installation and maintenance budgets as well.

There are many 360-degree cameras now available which offer megapixel images of the entire field of view. The benefit of the Wavestore V5 software is that it can record the original fisheye image from any of these manufacturers and enable every user to dynamically dewarp and create independent linear images of selected areas, while making a minimal demand on the network bandwidth.

Dewarping Freedom for Every User

The dewarping capability available within the Wavestore V5 VMS software makes it possible to integrate ANY 360-degree camera into existing analog or IP surveillance systems.  The Wavestore VMS facilitates the recording of the original fisheye images captured by a 360-degree camera and will simultaneously display the dewarped images from the same camera, as well as images from other network and analog cameras in a multi-image display. The original images captured by the 360-degree camera images are stored unaltered so that, when required, specific video data can be copied and authenticated.

The dewarping function enables the original 360-degree or fisheye image from any panoramic camera to be recorded and enable specific areas of interest to be dynamically selected and viewed as events demand, or set and save popular present views.

The user interface is simple to learn and intuitive to operate with all of the relevant functions available from the main display screen.