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Services provided by utilities, solar farms, energy facilities, contractors, transit agencies and cell sites are crucial to everyday life. At the same time, energy production — especially solar — is on the rise. Typically located in isolated geographic areas and often unmanned, solar farms and energy facilities in particular are vulnerable to vandalism, theft and terrorism. Copper theft is another significant problem, costing companies millions of dollars annually. Recently, one utility company reported nearly 250 copper theft incidents in just a single year.

The risk profiles of these geographically disperse sites – whether large production facilities or smaller distributed locations —drive a growing interest in new security and surveillance technologies. Facilities seek to strengthen security programs through the addition of video surveillance and intelligent systems to minimize threats and investigate incidents quickly after the fact.


Video surveillance is an important tool for to help reduce risks. As these locations are often located in remote areas, there is limited visibility into daily events. Video surveillance helps ensure incidents are not missed and that valuable video evidence is captured. Operator interfaces must be easy to use for non-technical personnel. Most systems are not monitored in real-time, so security and investigations after the fact depend on preservation of clear video evidence of any incident. Large areas require cameras to provide real-time views of remote sites as well as forensic evidence in case of an incident. Legacy video systems, which many organizations invested heavily in and still rely on, must be preserved to maintain investment while upgrades to newer technology take place. Therefore, open standard platforms are key to integrate easily with a variety of technologies.


WavestoreUSA has a long history of developing specialized security and surveillance systems for critical environments where high-quality video, reliable monitoring and storage, and advanced integration are necessary to ensure a safe and protected environment. Wavestore industrial-grade video management and recording solutions are designed to meet the stringent security requirements of energy sites, both small and large. Wavestore platforms are engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing analog systems while allowing users to maximize adoption of newer IP-based technologies. Wavestore V5 video management software delivers a scalable, highly reliable video management solution incorporating an intuitive interface to streamline usability and dewarping software for optimum viewing of 360-degree cameras. All these features and its support for a variety of cameras, such as HD, thermal and hemispheric, make Wavestore’s video management technologies the ideal recording and management solution for the complex demands of remote sites. Overall, Wavestore surveillance solutions lower total cost of ownership, add value to existing investments and enable migration to IP video operations using an open appliance approach. An open standard approach also allows integration with alarms, fence sensors, video analytics and remote monitoring services to provide a more comprehensive view of security and business operations.

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