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WavestoreUSA’s video recording and video management solutions deliver multiple benefits to promote better and more cost-effective video surveillance in the education market. Our solutions provide a safe environment so students and staff can focus on what matters most – learning.

There are more than 125,000 schools and 4,800 colleges and universities in the United States – and each institution potentially presents a variety of security challenges. Clery Act requirements to accurately report crime statistics at the college and university level provide a powerful incentive to keep crime numbers low, combined with the broader challenge of protecting the people, facilities and assets of the country’s top educational institutions. High-profile violence at educational facilities at all levels keeps security issues top-of-mind for parents, educators and the public at large, but security needs also extend far beyond the remote chance of a violent episode. K-12 schools also face a host of everyday security challenges, from controlling access to facilities, to preventing vandalism, to bullying and students fighting. The vast number of schools and educational institutions, and the wide variety of locations, facility types, student populations and other variables, all point to a need for flexible security solutions that cater to any and all threats facing any educational institution. Security is a 24-hour requirement, too, whether keeping students and staff safe during the day or protecting facilities against theft and vandalism at night.


Video surveillance is an important tool for security in the education vertical. A school might have only one school resource officer (SRO), who clearly can’t be everywhere at once. To augment security manpower, unblinking video cameras must not miss events happening on campus, thus increasing situational awareness for security personnel as well as local school administrators and even a school district’s central office. Operator interfaces must be easy-to-use for non-technical personnel. Most systems are not monitored in real-time, so security and investigations after the fact depend on preservation of clear video evidence of any incident. Large campuses, especially at the college and university level, require video cameras to provide real-time views of remote locations as well as forensic evidence in case of an incident. Many educational institutions have legacy video systems, which may represent a substantial investment and whose value must be preserved when a new system is installed. Therefore, interoperability is critical. In the unlikely event of a violent episode, police officers and emergency responders need access to video to respond effectively in a timely manner.


The Wavestore V5 video management software offers multiple benefits to promote better and more cost-effective video surveillance in the education market. The easy-to-use platform makes video footage easily accessible to anyone, including administrators and security personnel. Rapid search functionality provides instant access to archived images. Image authentication ensures integrity of video evidence, and a four-click export process can preserve video clips to a hard drive, USB drive or DVD for use by law enforcement or in a court of law; video formats can be converted to various industry-standard formats. Interactive maps make it easy to access cameras anywhere across a campus environment. Flexibility and scalability allow a system to be implemented at any size campus. Systems can be implemented in phases over time to build a unified system covering an entire campus, and hybrid systems enable use of legacy analog systems alongside newer IP systems in a seamless convergence. Low cost enables implementation of a robust video system despite the tight budgets characteristic of the higher education and especially public school environments. Integration with a variety of perimeter, intrusion and analytic systems extend functionality and allow institutions to effectively monitor their campuses even after hours.

Most importantly, WavestoreUSA delivers reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs. Feel free to contact a member of our team at to better understand how WavestoreUSA can help you address your video security needs.