Gaming recording and video management solutions

Gaming is big business across the globe and casino operators are one of the largest buyers of surveillance equipment in today’s market. Casinos, both large and small, invest tens of millions of dollars to deploy surveillance and security technologies to watch over gaming tables, monitor access to controlled areas, reduce the opportunity for theft and fraud, and manage guest traffic. Many casinos still rely on analog technologies to protect assets and ensure the safety of their customers although more are starting to move to IP-based solutions due to these technologies rich functionality and ability to integrate with other network-based platforms. IP surveillance is also being used beyond traditional security measures to support VIP guest systems, enhance customer service and boost compliance with company standards.


The casino environment is regulated by state and industry agencies and therefore, there are specific standards of video system performance that must be achieved. For instance, casino surveillance cameras are often required to capture video at 30 frames per second (fps). Regulations also specify how long video must be stored, such as two weeks or 30 days. These standards are non-negotiable, and a casino’s ongoing revenue stream depends on robust video storage systems that can meet these specific requirements. As more cameras are deployed — some casinos have upwards of one thousand cameras — the need for reliable video storage that can manage feeds from hundreds of analog and IP cameras becomes more critical. Maintaining a balance between the value of video data and the cost of storage is a constant struggle in this data-intensive environment.


WavestoreUSA video management systems and digital video recording appliances are flexible enough to accommodate the strict retention requirements in the casino environment while maintaining budgets and usability. The intuitive appliances capture video data securely and then makes it easily accessible based on permission levels. The powerful WaveView client allows each operator to configure camera layouts by size, format and position and simultaneously display live and/or recorded video. Rapid video search functionality provides instant access to video data and streamlined search capabilities allow for quick resolution. Critical to the gaming market in particular, image authentication ensures integrity of video evidence, and a simple export process preserves video clips to a hard drive, USB drive or DVD for use by law enforcement or in a court of law. The open architecture of WavestoreUSA’s video management and recording devices permit users to build their ideal system over time as budgets grow or as existing technology reaches end-of-life. WavestoreUSA recording solutions integrate with legacy analog systems, allowing casinos to incorporate IP products as needs evolve and the facility’s risk profile changes. The system also enables users to be more proactive with a feature that can alert security personnel instantly of an alarm event and deliver the video clip via email or mobile device to the correct authority.

Main Benefits

  • Protecting staff, guests and visitors
  • Detecting suspicious behavior and preventing cheating
  • Theft prevention

WavestoreUSA’s video recording and video management solutions support a wide range of CCTV cameras, including analog, network, mega-pixel and 360 degree camera technologies. Our experience, expertise and cutting edge technologies provide reliable and scalable systems to the casino surveillance industry and enables us to develop new solutions that meet the strict regulations of gaming environments.

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