Healthcare recording and video management solutions

As healthcare facilities grow and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a large array of security risks and vulnerabilities. While industry guidelines mandate a growing reliance on security under its “Environment of Care” standards, it is the responsibility of each individual hospital and healthcare organization to decide on the right tools to meet their needs.

The healthcare field is in the process of dramatic change, especially in the United States where government legislation, cuts to Medicare reimbursements and broader efforts to control costs are poised to transform the market forever. Many hospitals, aligned doctors’ offices and other healthcare facilities are consolidating to promote efficiency and market dominance, both advantages in the changing market, but the consolidation trend can complicate security. There are almost 6,000 hospitals across the United States, including profit, non-profit, local and state community-owned hospitals, and federal government facilities. Hospitals and other healthcare services often operate in campus environments that include several buildings spread across a large geographic area or even in multiple locations in a city, county or spanning multiple jurisdictions. Patients are the top priority of healthcare environments, and keeping patients secure is a base-level requirement of ensuring good patient care. Protecting assets, facilities and staff are also high priorities. Hospitals and healthcare facilities represent a varied environment, often the equivalent of a small city with a wide spectrum of operations settings. Highly restricted areas such as obstetrics departments and pharmacies are in stark contrast to the public, 24/7 environment of the emergency room, where violent outside elements can sometimes spill over into — and potentially disrupt — healthcare operations. Every area must be secured.


Video surveillance can expand the effectiveness of security operations in the healthcare market, providing extra “eyes” throughout the campus environment using systems that are adaptable to diverse needs and varied applications. Video surveillance must unify clear camera views from a large geographic area, or even from multiple sites, into a centralized location. Healthcare environments have used video surveillance for many years; therefore, a lot of legacy systems are in place, including analog cameras, DVRs, coax cable infrastructure, etc. Healthcare video systems must be able to preserve the value of the installed base of technology while incorporating the existing surveillance infrastructure into a new, larger system with enhanced functionality and a broader reach. Video must also complement and work in conjunction with infant tracking, access control, fire, emergency response, and other security-related systems in the complex hospital and healthcare environment. In the event of an emergency or a lockdown, video must provide visibility into the changing situation for police and emergency responders.


Using fewer cameras to cover larger areas, whether a parking lot or a large waiting room, can make hospital and healthcare security systems less expensive. A single 360-degree (fisheye) camera can cover a large waiting room and take the place of multiple cameras. Wavestore V5 video management software (VMS) de-warps the 360-degree image and can display multiple views derived from the larger image alongside other camera views in a system that is easy to use and operate. The Wavestore VMS can display a range of cameras, including analog, megapixel and hemispheric cameras. Live and archived images can be displayed simultaneously, and the system can instantaneously display video images from any camera from any point in time. A logarithmic search bar is user-variable to expand the region and search, and to analyze video clips image by image. Map displays make it easy for operators to access cameras anywhere across a large campus. Systems allow users to view, record and playback images from any camera across the network. WavestoreUSA integrates with a number of access control, alarm management and other systems to provide improved management in the healthcare environment. Flexible, scalable video surveillance provides a valuable security tool in the hospital and healthcare community.

From monitoring patient, employee, and visitor traffic, to keeping an eye on secured areas, improving patient safety, insulating your organization from potential liability claims, improving operating efficiency, reducing costs that healthcare administrators face and complying with state and national regulatory guidelines – WavestoreUSA has the resources you are looking for. Feel free to contact a member of our team at to better understand how WavestoreUSA can help you address your video security needs.