Retail recording and video management solutions

Retailers routinely lose about 1.5 percent of sales to various forms of shrink. The largest amount of shrink (44 percent) goes to employee theft (about $16 billion), with another 35 percent (almost $13 billion) attributable to shoplifting, according to the National Retail Security Survey. Emerging threats such as organized retail theft (ORT) continue to challenge every retailers’ best efforts to minimize shrink. Security and loss prevention technologies, including video surveillance, contribute to keeping the numbers as low as possible. Security systems also help to keep customers safe — fundamental to a successful business — and video surveillance in particular is a useful tool for managing liability. Clear video images provide incontrovertible evidence in cases of slip-and-fall or other questionable liability claims, as well as evidence to support alleged crimes or even to confirm claims of vehicle damage in parking lots. Retail establishments often have multiple sites that are similar in layout and design, so systems can generally be easily replicated from one location to another.


Retail video systems must be able to see what happens clearly and preserve visible evidence. Often, surveillance in the retail world is not monitored in real-time; instead, archived video is accessed to investigate an incident, which makes easy retrieval of video and clear images that much more important. In addition to monitoring employees and watching for shoplifters, video should also be useful for customer service functions. Video is also used to monitor sites remotely to ensure compliance with effective customer service benchmarks and adherence to merchandising standards. At the point-of-sale, camera resolution is important when monitoring cash transactions to look for employee misconduct. Cameras must be able to see cash denominations, view if a product isn’t scanned properly, etc. Given the razor-thin retail profit margins, systems have to be cost-effective and produce a measurable return on investment (ROI).


WavestoreUSA video management systems can be easily replicated across a chain of retail stores, but are flexible enough to accommodate differences from one location to another. Protecting against theft, robbery and intrusion, the cost-effective systems can instantly alert security personnel and deliver a video clip associated with an alarm event. Video images can be selected and copied instantly from one or many cameras to a DVD, USB flash drive, hard drive or other external device for evidentiary purposes. The system is easy to learn and operate, even by non-technical personnel, and offers a long lifespan and low cost of ownership that play well in the cost-conscious retail environment. Multi-site monitoring saves money by enabling a manager to oversee a distant location without having to travel there in person. Megapixel and HD cameras can cover large areas of a retail store and provide enough detail to be used in court or to debunk a questionable liability claim. Megapixel resolutions provide details of cash transactions and closely monitor possible employee theft. WavestoreUSA’s VMS accommodates all types of cameras for various applications. In cash-handling areas, a single 360-degree camera can watch multiple checkout lines. For 360-degree (fisheye) cameras, the WavestoreUSA client software de-warps the image so images can be seen in a typical format and users can create multiple views from the same 360-degree camera, which are displayed alongside other camera views. WavestoreUSA even integrates with other systems for non-security applications in the retail environment. New video analytics functions enable systems that provide an alarm if a checkout line gets too long. Accurate people counting and queue management analytic solutions provide real-time data. These intelligent retail solutions include multi-zone metrics, avoid false-count scenarios and can be deployed to differentiate between those walking toward store entrances and exits and those passing by.

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