Wavestore V5.40 VMS Release

WavestoreUSA released version 5.40 of its cost-effective, user-friendly Video Management Software this month, providing customers even more flexibility and functionality than before. To best serve both end users and integrators, the WavestoreUSA team continuously seeks to improve upon their VMS to ensure it’s the most up-to-date, user-, technician- and customer-friendly VMS on the market. The new features in Version 5.40 live up to that goal – and then some.

Enhanced Camera Support

Most notably, Version 5.40 supports up to 128 cameras per server/recorder, 32 of which can be analog, which makes it an attractive option for larger customers and those who are migrating from analog to IP. The system also decreases the overall cost of a surveillance system because the technology reduces the number of servers required and minimizes the complexity of the installation. The new VMS also provides customers the ability to group servers together so all of the cameras are conveniently “pooled” together for the end user. Server groups are especially helpful for customers with larger surveillance networks of 128 cameras or more because they have the ability to save end users money in both programming and licensing costs.

New Features


The most exciting new feature of Version 5.40 is WaveSTAR, which allows installers to integrate third-party systems with Wavestore without the need for custom coding. The software’s built-in translator function allows installers to “translate” an HTTP, TCP or UDP message from a third-party system into EVENTXX. Previously, only certain companies embedded the EVENTXX message format into their camera or system. Now, virtually any camera or system that can send a message can be translated and supported. This enables end users to view live events, and intelligently record and search them at a later time – even through incidences of video loss, tampering (including blurring and darkening) and times of heavy motion.


Version 5.40 easily integrates with industry-leading camera systems, including those that have advanced analytical functions, such as people counting, trip wire and exclusion zones. The VMS can be programmed to send and receive specific messages upon certain events, which is particularly useful for customers in certain verticals. For example, end users in the retail industry can integrate the VMS with their cash register software, while those in health care can merge the software with their RFID inventory management systems.

The team at WavestoreUSA strives to make their VMS user-friendly, from the install to upgrade and all the way to the end-user experience. Wavestore VMS is constantly raising the technology bar and setting new standards to ensure a long lifespan for each investment and lower cost of ownership.