WavestoreUSA Demonstrates Commitment to Open Standards

You could say “open standards” is our middle name.

Continuing to demonstrate our commitment to open standards, we participated in ONVIF’s sixth Developer’s Plug Fest, an event that drew representatives from more than 20 different manufacturers that have implemented the ONVIF specification in their IP surveillance products. The plug fest was the first in-person chance for engineers to test their company’s implementation of ONVIF’s new industry standard, Profile S. The event was held in September in San Diego.

We’re proud to report that Wavestore’s video management software passed the camera discovery test with flying colors. The VMS software platform automatically detected 40 cameras from 19 different manufacturers, including Axis, Bosch, Canon, Pelco, Samsung and Sony, when they were connected to the network that ONVIF established for the purpose of the test.

The software’s camera discovery feature is designed to automatically detect every ONVIF-compliant camera. It also registers the IP address and configures a range of settings to save time during installation and avoid any errors that could be made by manual configuration.

The VMS offers broad support for many different manufacturers, and camera and encoder models. This type of flexibility offers end users a broad range of options so they can find the hardware that works best for them. Also, it helps the installer save time and money on integration.

ONVIF is a global industry forum that was created in 2008.The group’s goal is to standardize communication between network devices, and make sure they can interoperate, using a global open standard.

Today, a majority of manufacturers are embracing ONVIF standards, which is opening up the industry as a whole, and providing end users and integrators with more technology options than ever before. At WavestoreUSA, we’re excited to see this growing trend take hold throughout the industry.