WavestoreUSA Recorders Let You Hit the Ground Running

The world of video surveillance can be complicated, with confusing terminology and standards, many installations requiring their own unique system and set-up, and enough technology options to bewilder even the most seasoned industry veteran. Really, any amount of streamlining and simplification is a welcomed change. That’s why all WavestoreUSA Network , Hybrid and HD Hybrid Video Servers and Recorders come pre-installed with the latest version of WavestoreUSA’s Video Management Software, V5.

WavestoreUSA’s team of experts pre-installs their powerful VMS on each device, ensuring that the software is compatible with the hardware and that it functions correctly. For hybrid video servers, the company pre-installs both the hardware and software, including any analog camera licenses, and then verifies that all’s well and working together.

For the user, the benefit is immediate direct or remote connectivity – no waiting required – and the assurance that everything works correctly. Of course, the integrator also benefits from less labor-intensive installation times. The installer only needs to purchase the proper type and number of IP camera licenses, obtain a license key and enter it into the appropriate server. Wavestore V5 supports over 50+ manufacturer’s IP cameras and encoders as well as 10 of the top fisheye companies’ 180-degree and 360-degree cameras and domes with specialized drivers. It’s also ONVIF Profile S conformant. The result? Confidence that the most suited cameras and domes can be used where needed, as well as hours shaved off each installation, allowing the integrator to move onto the next project faster.

WavestoreUSA uniquely offers pre-installed recorders to the growing small- to medium-sized business (SMB) segment. A wide range of verticals, including retail, education, critical infrastructure and healthcare, benefit from the company’s high-performance professional digital video security systems, which support analog, IP, HD and megapixel surveillance solutions, including 360-degree and night-vision cameras. Combined with WavestoreUSA’s powerful and user-friendly VMS, these solutions provide effective, affordable and leading-edge video surveillance, with quick and easy installation.

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