WavestoreUSA Rides High at ASIS 2013



Standing out among the crowd at one of the industry’s biggest tradeshows is no easy feat. Luckily, WavestoreUSA has the innovative products, unique service offerings and enthusiastic team to make people take notice. WavestoreUSA greeted attendees last week at the 2013 ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits, held at McCormick Place in Chicago. Integrators and end users met the team and saw live demonstrations of their leading recording, video management and storage solutions.

ASIS was an exciting opportunity for the industry to get a closer look at Wavestore, which announced its U.S. presence in January 2013. The company provides professional digital video and audio recording solutions for surveillance applications to North American-based security integrators, and has been attracting attention for its innovative products and comprehensive service.


WavestoreUSA’s professional-grade digital video and audio recording solutions are based on open architecture, scalable and easily integrate with 50+ manufacturer’s cameras, as well as some 10 popular 360-degree products. Wavestore’s proprietary de-warping function is embedded into the latest release of its V5 video management software and takes the original 360-degree images and ‘de-warps’ them to allow users to view the complete video image without distortion. There’s more: De-warped images greatly reduce network traffic and save tremendously on recording, which we know is one of the most expensive elements of video surveillance specifications.

The goal at WavestoreUSA is to deliver intuitive, user-friendly platforms that provide users best-in-class solutions, regardless of the manufacturer or approach. Part of that commitment means giving customers flexibility by sticking to open architecture hardware and software designs. WavestoreUSA’s solutions also support ONVIF protocols, and their V5 VMS is Profile S compliant, which helps ensure best-in-class interoperability and operation with every product. The company is now working toward achieving compliance with Profile G, a new ONVIF profile.


Even with industry-leading solutions, every customer will need service and support at some time. WavestoreUSA seeks to continually assist its integrator partners with whatever they need. For example, if the integrator has a camera that the company currently doesn’t support, they will work on engineering a solution. The company’s support team, based in Florida, is available to address any concerns or questions through the Technical Assistance Center or email. And, since WavestoreUSA products are assembled in the United States and optimized for the Americas, they are designed from the ground up to meet the day-to-day challenges of the security market. With all these differentiators, no wonder WavestoreUSA was the center of attention at ASIS 2013.