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Milestone Cuts All Ties with OnSSI.

blog milestoneWhat’s Trending today is surprisingly about what is not trending. I’ve been waiting a week to see the news splashed all over the headlines in every security trade but, just as the announcement itself was quietly disclosed, the reaction in the media has been equally silent; except for securityhive (security.world) who broke the story that Milestone and OnSSI have parted ways:

Milestone Cuts All Ties With OnSSI

by Stan Lewis September 30, 2015 3:06 pm.

At the ASIS 2015 Expo in Anaheim, just as the show was about to wrap up after three days, video management software (VMS) leader Milestone made an announcement via a Milestone email blast that the long-standing agreement between OnSSI and Milestone for OnSSI to utilize the Milestone recording engine had elapsed and no further cooperation between the two companies would exist. (See link at the bottom of this article for full story).

The announcement of the partnership between Milestone and OnSSI met with great fanfare back in March of 2009. Don’t you think the breakup is equally, if not more important, considering the fact that Milestone is part of Canon? You also cannot forget that Axis Communications is part of Canon now. You have to question what future ties the combined Canon (Milestone/Axis) may contemplate. Open system design choices could become a distant memory within some companies.

Here at WavestoreUSA, it is a big deal.

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In regard to the end result of Milestone and OnSSI cutting ties, there is pressure on security dealer integrators who installed OnSSI Ocularis to make a choice. Do you go over to the Milestone camp and trade in your customers’ licenses for a corresponding Milestone system or do you stay with OnSSI and basically, start over?

A better idea is to turn to industry-leading WavestoreUSA and remain independent. Our open platform video storage and management systems give you the freedom to use products from any vendor. ONVIF compliant, WavestoreUSA provides a user-friendly design that is configurable for any application and so much more:

  • Any Camera. With WavestoreUSA, legacy cameras can be used alongside new installs. Our systems support combinations of analog, IP, megapixel, HD, HD-SDI, thermal, panoramic and 360 degree cameras from virtually all manufacturers, and multi-megapixel cameras from specialist providers.
  • Any Format. Concurrently process a variety of video formats, including: H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, M-JPEG, JPEG2000 and MxPEG.
  • Totally Scalable. WavestoreUSA can handle vast amounts of stored video data with failover, and connect to thousands of cameras natively, providing a perfect solution for the world’s largest projects.
  • Easy to Use. From an intuitive user interface to multiple language support, the WavestoreUSA video storage and management systems are simple yet powerful with models from the smallest install up to large enterprise capabilities. What’s more, camera configuration is quick and easy – a far cry from competitor products.
  • Search and Export. Finding and exporting video clips is fast and simple. WavestoreUSA video management software instantaneously finds and displays images from any point in time from archived data. Export from multiple cameras simultaneously in only three clicks.
  • Video Alerts. Instantly transmit video clips associated with an event. Automatically organize clips based on pre-set triggers. Annotate any clip and use the data to search later.
  • Leaders in 360° Dewarping. Our intelligent client dewarping function enables a single 360 degree camera to record a large area, while allowing the operator to dynamically select areas of interest and create multiple pre-set navigable views without compromising on network bandwidth.

Call WavestoreUSA at 561-616-9567 and we will gladly help with the transition to our solution or join our Better Together Partner Program. Sign up and get started today!

(read full securityhive article here)


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