What’s Trending? Packing on the Layers

layers of protectionThe Greatest Protection against Undesirable Elements is Redundant Security.

Redundancy and layers of protection cannot be duplicated in traditional analog security systems like they can with today’s networked devices.  Redundancy is best served by an open platform blended solution. The finest part of network electronic technology is that by using IP devices to help deter theft, control access and monitor operations, you get integrated layers of protection. You not only get circles of physical protection, the system itself can have built in fail safe protection.

The proper redundancy and layers of protection provide strength to the overall system, guard all assets and reduce the effect of a hazard or threat. Redundancy is designed so that if any one or two elements fail there are backups in place. To avoid the entire wall of protection from crumbling before your eyes, the best way to achieve redundancy is to take an integrated approach where each device is built to support and enhance the other elements of the system.

WavestoreUSA makes integration easy with its open platform Linux-based design that enables seamless integration of all types of analytics and third party devices. Reliable and powerful capabilities built on best in class components within WavestoreUSA video management and storage systems can handle vast amounts of store data with failover in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. Recorded video and data is protected. Recording is resumed with no loss of camera address details or setup configurations.

Providing adequate security is always challenging. Decisions on security redundancy are among the most crucial ones you must make. It is important to remember that security programs without a layered approach can easily be compromised.

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