WavestoreUSA is an innovator in the development of open platform IP video and audio surveillance solutions for security applications. WavestoreUSA’s robust and intelligent management and storage platforms set the standard for quality, service and performance. The entire suite of WavestoreUSA technologies delivers powerful capabilities in an easy-to-manage, scalable and reliable platform. Customers across the globe benefit from our best-in-class solutions that enhance safety, increase security, optimize operations, and reduce upfront and long-term costs. WavestoreUSA solutions are available through a dedicated network of dealer/integrator partners. Our recently upgraded V5 Video Management Software adds advanced features and functionality which includes:

  • Open platform including support for ONVIF profile S cameras and encoders.
  • Enhanced event management.
  • Full remote maintenance of server/recorder from WaveView client.
  • dewarping software for use with 360-degree cameras.

The dewarping capability available within V5 makes it possible to integrate a variety of 360-degree surveillance cameras, including AMG Panogenics, Arlotto, Axis, Geovision, Mobotix, Oncam Grandeye, Panasonic, Santec, Sentry360 and Vivotek into existing surveillance systems. Wavestore facilitates the recording of the original fisheye images captured by a single 360-degree camera stream and displays the dewarped images from the same camera, as well as images from other network and analog cameras in a multi-image display. The original images captured by the 360-degree camera are stored unaltered to allow specific video clips to be copied and authenticated.

Our wide range of NVR, HVR, and HDVR recording solutions are stable, reliable and secure, providing an immediate and long-term return on investment and an overall low cost of ownership. There are many features that distinguish WavestoreUSA solutions including ease of installation, the ability to expand and upgrade installed systems and the overall reliability of the Linux-based server design. WavestoreUSA is proud to deliver solutions that are user friendly, simple to install and cost effective. We are a global company committed to global standardization and open platform solutions.

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