WavestoreUSA is highly respected for our range of reliable, innovative and high performance professional digital video security systems. Our Recorders and Servers support a wide range of analog, IP, HD-SDI and megapixel surveillance solutions, including 360-degree and night vision cameras. Options include Network Video Recorders and Servers (NVR and NVS) for IP cameras, Hybrid Video Recorders and Servers (HVR and HVS) for IP and analog cameras and Hybrid HD-SDI Video Recorders and Servers (HDVR and HDVS) for IP and HD-SDI cameras.

Recorders provide the ability to host a local WaveView client as well as remote WaveView clients while Servers are deployed in more traditional server/remote client IT architectures. Proven over many years of operation in various applications, our Recorders and Servers provide an immediate and long-term return on investment and an overall low cost of ownership. There are many features that distinguish WavestoreUSA solutions including ease of installation, the ability to expand and upgrade installed systems and the overall reliability of the Linux-based server design. WavestoreUSA Recorders and Servers are ONVIF Profile S conformant and are assembled in the USA.

We have a wide variety of configurations available based on the number of cameras, amount of storage and processing capacity needed. For more information on which Server or Recorder best fits your needs, you can download the Video Recorder and Server Matrix. Both tower and rack-mount displays are available. All WavestoreUSA Servers & Recorders are pre-loaded out of the box with Wavestore V5 VMS.

video matrix